Dark Skull - 1.0

by hr91
  • 1.0
  • hr91
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  • Chrome Stable 8.0+
    Chrome Beta 10.0+
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  2. Dickson Fu says:

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  4. Dickson Fu says:

    Very Good style ! I like it!

  5. TheUnknown says:

    Best theme for me great job on it 🙂

  6. Bzykus says:

    In my opinion this theme is fanstastic. I have it enabled on my google chrome web browser. This theme has got unique style. Some people like colourful or landscapes photographs, but I like dark and havy style of themes.However, if the top bar was black, it would be better and more beautiful. But it also can be ;). I think that this is perfect for me because it has the same style as me. This is the best theme I have ever seen. I think that everybody who like dark colour and has this style should download and apply this theme. I strongly recommend this. Congratulations for the idea and well executed theme.

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