1 Direction Theme Yellow
One Direction Theme for google chrome - yellow
BTW Ball Tour 2
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Adele 4 Vogue 2012
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BTW Ball Tour 1
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Lana Del Rey 4 Elle
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A simple Adele theme with white background in a grey shade.
Marry the Night(Bathtub)
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Marry The Night
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Marry The Night(Ballet)
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Lady Gaga at Grammy
Another beautiful Lady Gaga – Grammy Nomination Concert chrome theme from the GagaStation . Follow the official Facebook link to stay updated..
Adele Simple
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Rihanna – Square
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Demi Lovato
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Beatles Theme
Another theme addition for the legendary artists. The resolution is optimized for standard monitors and laptop screens, if you want to use it up for..
Lil Wayne Theme
Lil Wayne, the sensational singer has been on the roll since his fabulous last performance in early 2011. Last night it was decided to put up this ..
Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga the singing sensation comes to chrome themes. It has been on the request list for quite a long time. So here we go. Enjoy.
From the year 1981 to the present time , the band has come a way down the path of fame. The band rules the heart of every heavy metal fan to the reali..